2 Books Released in 2013

I released two books this year.

  • WordPress Security Essentials
  • HTML to WordPress

I tried to pass down the work process and the fundamental concepts via these two books. I hope people enjoy these two books. This is just a beginning and I plan to release more books with other co-authors in near future. 🙂

North India Vacation 2013

Listing locations in the order they were visited.

Travel via :

  • Rajdhani Express (Mumbai to Delhi) 4:45PM to 9am (17 hour Journey)
  • Delhi to Haridwar via Tavera (5 hour hourney)
  • Took Lunch at Cheetal Grand (meerut).

Visited following locations:

  • Haridwar
  • Hrishikesh
  • Dehradoon
  • Mussoori
  • Delhi

Visited Locations in Haridwar:

  • Hari ki Pauri
  • Hoshiyarpuriwala
  • Bikanerwala
  • Pentagon Mall
  • Mohan Ji Puri Wale
  • Jwalapur (chat and tikki)
  • Various Ghats
  • Jhanavidale Hotel
  • Hotel Giridhar

Food at Haridwar

  • Paneer Pakode
  • Raj Kachori
  • Sujiwali Panipuri

Visited Location Hrishikesh

Laxman Zula
Ram Zula
Chotiwala Restaurant

Dehradoon Locations:

DIT/IMS College

Mussoori Locations:

Maggi Point
Mussoori Jheel (waterfall)
Mall road
Mussoori Library
Sun n Star hotel (stay at divya hotel)
Cafe Coffee Day
Restaurants (one veg and another non veg)
Photosession near Ropeway
Gunhill Point
Parvati Mandir near Gunhill Point